More Free Bootstrap 5 Themes are Here for you to Download

More free Bootstrap 5 Themes

Here’s our new page for more elegant themes that are best at speed, very well designed, responsive and attribution free. These free bootstrap 5 themes are attribution free.

We thank you that you appreciated our previous work on free Bootstrap 5 themes. So we have decided to provide more per your demands.

Bootstrap, is considered to be the most demanding front-end tool or a framework in the modern world that is designed to create responsive designs as well as it has outstanding collection of interfaces for creating aesthetic and modern web pages that support every device(s).

With the arrival of Bootstrap 5 technology, the bundle of huge javascript libraries is no longer as dominating as in the previous versions but you can implement it if you want (the techlnology is so robust that it provides javascript like effects with advanced css).

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What We Should Know About Bootstrap 5 before getting Free Bootstrap 5 Themes

The Bootstrap 5 frameword has addressed some of the issues about third-party libraries and several changes have been made.Some of them are major changes. This facility has been provided just before the launch of beta version. The list below shows some of the features of this awesomes front-end framework.

  • RTL Support
  • Updated Grid System
  • Improved Forms
  • No jQuery
  • No IE10 and IE11 Support
  • Responsive Font Sizes

Before telling any further thing, let’s know that the process of converting from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5 has become very easier as compared to transferring from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4

The Key Features of Our Free Bootstrap 5 Themes

LTR and RTL at the Simultaneius

This version allows right to left or left to right text support for all of its components.

RTL (Right to Left) is used for the languages such as Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Urdu that are read as well as written from right to left manners .

The LTR (Left to Right) support is the default one since the launch.

Much Improved Grid System

Bootstrap’s grid based development system contains bundles of containers and rows as well as columns to provide proper layout design and alignment of contents . It’s built with great flexbox and is excellently responsive. 

More Improved Forms

The new forms designs are specifically designed to create greater experience for the users. Hence, there are so many variations in designing or picking up forms to take any information.

No jQuery Man…

For those new comers who have no idea about how to use JQuery in their designs should not be worried as the JQuery’s alternate is present in the simplest Vanilla JS.

There’s No IE 10 and IE 11 Support

Everything has some goods and bads. Bootstrap 5 does not support some older versions of internet explorer 10 and 11 and also previous versions. This is due to the reason that Microsoft will remove support for IE 11 and below due to the fact that they don’t have a rising trend and it will happen sooner.

Responsiveness in Font Sizes

Bootstrap 5 has builtin responsive font design options. This offers us by Bootstrap’s RFS resizing engines that adjusts similar CSS properties to use available spaces in a much better ways according to devices sizes along with viewpoints. RFS was developed to make the fonts resizable.

Attribution Free Bootstrap 5 Themes Section

Our theme is based upon the Web Design Company that offers many web related solutions.

It is eye catching, retina friendly and extremely responsive with some great animations and catchy images. We have kept the work as simple as possible in order to make sure that they they cn be easily modified per needs.

This theme is not using large javascript files and hence, it is faster to load (as the css libraries are hosted on different Servers).

This template has visual appeal in a sense that it is very well crafted for the users. Its touches are awesome and it is attribution free. Just spread the word “Pakistani Web Themes”

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High Quality and free Bootstrap 5 Themes Speedy and Animated based upon Bootstrap 5 Templates

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