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Free WordPress Themes Download

Free WordPress themes download or best free theme for wordpress is the idea that came to my mind by realizing the fact that there are so many templates online and most of them claim to be free of cost. Do you realized what lies beneath?

The simplest answer to this question is; they include Attribution, Null Themes, Freemium or Non-Responsive ones. By reasearching those things, I came to conclude that why shouldn’t I offer my Pakistani people (and those who are abroad); the attribution free material. By making this big statement, I try to spend my leisure time by sharing my creativity to the others (unlike money earning machines).

best free theme for wordpress

I believe in the theory that if I spread my knowledge to others, I will get a million of knowledgeable ideas in myself. I believe in positive Karma and in the Ayah:

امر بالمعروف و نہی عن المنکر

To Spread Peace and Say No to Bad

When I first started my journey from my very first page (Pakistani Web Themes) , I was happy about thinking that I am doing some work for the needy people who are inexperienced and giveup so soon.

Then came my Second post that continued this mission and gave very good impression. That was about More Free WordPress Themes.

My newest strategy is to make those themes that are animated and absolutely free to use for both personal and commecial purposes but not in pronography and any hatred purposes.

What is the actual problem with using just drag and drop based content?

The answer to this question is simplest which is responsiveness. All my themes are well structured and properly designed to make sure that they offer Grid Systems like Structure which is used in BootStrap Themes.

This type of work promises to custiomize the theme easily without any gothas and suitable for almost all the current as well as future devices.

Following collection contains some of the best free themes download for your wordpress site

Now, chekout our themes that provide engaging and animated effects in the simplest forms.

Estate and Construction

As we all know that the estate agency has many good features that provide us detailed knowledge about the houses or apartments which are saleable or rentable. Our theme is designed in presenting those aspects in quality based designs.

The real estate template is a latest, clean & clear, and highly adoptable multi-purpose WordPress theme. It has many good features and eye-catching layouts, which will help you to create or modify the work according to your genre.

Note: You can animate any image by placing the code “animated flip duration1 eds-on-scroll” along with the existing classes (by keeping some gap) and let you enjoy the beautiful animation effects.

The Museum- Among the Free WordPress Themes Download

free wordpress themes

Animate your desired element by making the class from here :

Keep up the default class and give some gap to paste the animation based class by giving some gap

Fundraising Theme for Children

Animate your desired element by making the class from here :

Keep up the default class and give some gap to paste the animation based class by giving some gap