Trending WordPress Page Builders of the Year 2022

Trending WordPress

Trending WordPress Page-Builders also known as Visual Composer (s) explain us about some of the best upcoming WordPress trends that will be available in the years to come in this diverse platform.

As we have already written some good topics in detail about WordPress right about from our first post , now it is the time to know more about this excellent Content Management System that has been dominating the internet world for almost a decade and a half and is evolving at the most speedy pace with almost 40% websites for businesses of any type (Small, Medium, Large) using as well as utilizing it.

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Why do we use WordPress?

WordPress has everything available for the websites right from Simple Blogs to large Bussinesses websites.

It provides huge bundles of one of the best features as well as supporting tools that makes it lovable among all the Web Designers and Developers.

By highlighting the new trends in upcoming features, we will get to know what strategies we have to adopt in future in order to be successful on the
Web World  .

Trending WordPress technologies and tools not only provide us newest hopes , but also a plathora of options which sometimes become hard to understand.

As the technology progresses everyday, the need of WordPress based sites are becoming hunger for Web Engineers.

WordPress is now providing so much support for third party tools such as plugins, widgets etc. that enhance the existing features up to the level of Mount Everest peak (to be very frank).Right from simple blogs , it provides great support for new features such as photo-blogs, a business related website, awesome professional portfolio, a government related website, a magazine type or news based website. It has great flexibility even for network of websites.

Now we will start highlighting the trending WordPress related features in details.

trending wordpress

The Elementor PRO is one of the best drag and drop based page designing WordPress Plugin which is very easy to handle and design some of the best themes both for personal and professional use. Here are some of the reasons for its dominance in WordPress Themes World:

  • It creates one of the best designed themes and templates that are ready to be modified and can be adopted for commercial use as well. Its structure is clean and the produced backend and front end code is as clear as you have rwritten it by yourself (So you can Sell and Earn)
  • It is ahead of WordPress built-in Editor because it has thousands of options which you can use.
  • It auomatically creates  HTML/CSS/PHP/codes that are easier to modify per user need(s). Each and everything can be done with Elementor PRO through an easy eye interacting user-interface.
  • It is the front end tool and you can easily cosnider it as an “What-You-See-is-What-You-Get” on the front end interface of your own website. That feature gurantees that if you put some effort, you can over-shadow Professional WordPress Designers and Developers.
  • It has great support for current and upcoming versions of WordPress.

In a Nutshell, it is All-in-One Product. Check the live demo here.

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The Divi Page-Builder sums up the best looks and feels with tons of amazing features and options to design a genuinely useful and multipurpose WordPress theme. A huge collection of prebuilt templates along with one of the easiest Page-Builder brings all types of Web-Geeks under the same roof, provided that how aesthetic their designs could be ; with no coding at all , as well as structured backend and front end code. It is available with the Divi Theme about which, we are discussing below:

The Divi Theme is the awesome theme made by Elegant Themes who have also made the Page-Builder and it’s among the most dominating theme of modern world for the most popular WordPress themes available today. As it’s a multipurpose theme, it was created to be suitable for any type of website you might want to build with WordPress.

In short span of time, Divi has emerged as of of the giants in WordPress based Web World and is being constantly updated and is getting improved exponentially Day by Day. It has a power-packed collection of drag-and-drop page builder, which is an awesome tool; along with several hundreds of website templates, and nearly infinite customization options and settings with budget friendly price. You can download their free trial software from here and enjoy.

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Thrive Theme Builder is the most dominating theme-builder due to its flexibility, agile development and pretty decent interface developed by Thrive Themes . It’s all in one package that allows to create your own customized themes without touching a fraction of code.

The plus point about Thrive Theme Builder is its support for tons of fonts with different shapes,styles and sizes and these features make it the most outstanding thing in the world of Web.

Its price is decently affordable for anybody, somebody in just starting phase etc. It is up to the level of one of the greatest software or framework that is leading day by day. With the new Thrive Theme Builder from Thrive Themes , we can now have some greatest and globally appealing headers and footers that are available with both Elementor PRO and Divi. The company claims that:

A conversion focused website, landing pages, lead generation quizzes, online courses, evergreen scarcity campaigns,… With Thrive Suite you can easily turn your WordPress website into a full-blown online business.

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 Brizy has been so quickly evolving theme builder that it might over-shadow most of the page-builders in future.

One of the most outstanding aspects about the Brizy Builder is its visually appealing, drag-and-drop based and agile development. While the visual editor is not that different from the other ones, the Brizy owners have done some heavy lifting about keeping so many options to make an aesthetic software that will shrink the development time one could have to invest in trying hits and misses between the sidebar areas and widget placements. It’s basically a light weight product, but provides the agility in development of websites and visual expriences with great command and the eye catching visuals.

One best of the best quality about our selected product is the integrated Brizy Sync enviroment or tool, which provides cloud based storage of our designs automatically if, it is properly configured. You can keep your template on one place in cloud storage and then easily reuse it on other places, without the obligation to import or export your work in a manual way.

It also has a non-WordPress builder called Brizy Cloud, which can be considered as the type of Squarespace or Wix website alternate and is available free of cost with the purchase of the package.

The header and footer building with this Software is a bit trick and we have to do some work arounds in order to get those things done and it is outside the scope of this article.

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Gutenberg is the newest and the default page editor for WordPress themes. The best results are obtained when we update our WordPress version to the latest (older versions don’t have) .

This page builder is different from the Classic Editor that we used in the older versions of WordPress, Gutenberg mainly focuses on content based blocks. The simplest task is that; you just have to add blocks in your posts or pages such as columns, paragraphs, headings and images etc. and the task is done. Dragging and dropping the blocks has become like never seen before in WordPress free page_builders. But the reality is that, it is not ahead of other page-builders such as Divi or Elementor PRO.

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Seed Prod is one of the most promising WordPress landing pages builder. It provides facility to create stunning landing pages within minutes by using its Drag and Drop facility.

SeedProd has hundreds of templates of aesthetic and responsive landing pages, which you can customize with ease.The landing pages created by SeedProd are compatible for almost every device.

The Seo Optimization is one of the most important aspects in the field of Web Development.The tool code is written in well organized form without loading unnecessary objects on page loading along with light header builder code that auto generates while dragging and dropping and editing the header block and can be adjusted per user needs.

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Visual composer is a free website builder tool that is easier to handle and has great options for dragging and dropping the elements, styling them and make one of the most outstanding and eye-catching pages on a fly.

It reminds us about the Beaver Builder in many aspects such as ease of design and implementation for some bigger websites.

Its interface is so eye catching and the plus point is that; it needs no coding skills. You can easily experiment with it to design your desired template.

In order to use Visual Composer, we need to have a starter template just like Page Builders by the SiteOrigin and Elementor teams. It consists of over 500 blocks,elements and addons. The makers are consistently adding so many supportive templates per weekly basis. This builder is very well known for its responsiveness.

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GeneratePress is a simple but aesthetic, responsive as well as lightweight drag and drop based WordPress theme builder that focuses upon SEO performance elements with faster loading time and smallest possible file sizes. It is the Best WordPress page builder that is specially crafted for all types of developers whether they are experienced or newbies .

Its makers have been working very hard for almost two years to bring Block Based Development Environment that will make developers’ lives very easy.

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Webiny unleashes designers’ creativity. This page-builder is based on the philosophy that one should never constrain his work inside a “textarea”. Webiny is not an ordinary builder, but a full fledged drag and drop builder.

Webiny has introduced a cloud-based and serverless web developing framework that offers website content management services in an organized manner. It offers services such as building professional websites, e-commerce based sites , portals etc.

The Company Claims

“It enables clients to get access to developer tools, libraries, ready-made apps, and processes specifically created for serverless development that helps them digitize their business. It enables developers to build websites and web applications by providing all required components and is designed to run inside a serverless environment.

Themify is a one of the most saught after WordPress based theme on Shops that includes built-in theme-builder that edits all of their themes on a fly. If we want to use other themes that are not included in the package, then we have to use Themify Page Builder plugin.

This light weight and tremendously simple page-builder has many readymade tools that we can integrate to our pages or posts.

The plugin has at least 42+ pre-designed templates for different categories that include gyms, restaurants, portfolios , songs , photographies along with  online shops.

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If you are concerned with the fastest and superb drag and drop features along with code editing or writing aspects added, then Oxygen Page Builder is your destination? Oxygen is a new and awesome WYSIWYG based visually appealing builder plugin for WordPress developed by Soflyy, the team that has given WP All Import.

It offers us complete building of our whole website such as headers, footers, sections etc.Without leaving the WordPress Dashboard Environment, it works like some great platforms such as Eclipse, NetBeans or Visual Studio and similar development environments. It is true that it may not look very easier for  beginners, but intermediate and expert designers can show their metal in minimal time.

For all those developers who have used Gutenberg blocks, this type of editor is ideally suited because editing of page is done just like that, with hundreds of added features.

WordPress Trends

There are many new WordPress trends coming and we will provide different types of the best trends in our upcoming articles.