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One of the initiatives that a designer takes to design a website is its layout and whether he wants to get the advantages of using free website templates or design by himself from the scratch. Though there are many debates over using prebuilt themes for the majority of site owners, this is indeed a non-practical option, and especially for beginners who want result-oriented designs on the websites.

What are the advantages of using free website templates ?

Web templates are pre-built website layouts and can be configured in a very small period of time just in few minutes. They already offer all of the important aspects which you require to get your website running smoothly and bringing some good amount of traffic.

Almost every web host and website launchers offer their customers absolutely free-of-cost templates which they can apply to create websites so quickly. Every designer knows that the free templates can provide everything they need to achieve their goals, but he also knows that they have to settle with the drawbacks in using Freebies. There are more advantages of using already designed web themes such as:

  • Setup Cost is very Cheap – Since one has compromised upon using the prebuilt templates or themes, his money and time is saved.
  • Designs are Scrutinized – The designers and developers have already done tons of work to create catchy designs and search friendly interfaces with quality SEO, they won’t be giving you a faulted design.
  • Mobile-optimized – It has already a known fact that people are using cell phones and tablets or notebooks nowadays. The concept of responsiveness is well maintained.
  • Choice – There are choices about selecting and modifying themes with our without attribution of product developers.
  • Fast setup – As we discussed earlier, the entire configuration saves lots of time.

Disadvantages of using prebuilt free web templates

  • Actually more costly  – Prebuilt web templates are not free at all if we want more functions, we have to buy the pro version which is more expensive than building the theme by our own hands.
  • No support at all– Since we are using free templates, we can’t expect from the supporting staff to provide us the solution to our problems arising.
  • Time Wastage – It is known that our required pre-designed themes are very hard to search for, even if one takes hours, weeks or even months. So, try to get paid themes.

We have some beautiful and well designed Bootstrap themes that we have designed with the help of very efficient software that is templatetoaster which is awesome for designing many Content Management Systems as well and I am a licensed holder of that software to built and distribute the themes designed through that as well. These templates are available free of cost and you can modify them as well as sell them as there’s no attribution required but be careful not to use them in racial hatred, religious intolerance, or vulgar websites. Due to the fact that Google and several Search Engines don’t like hotlinking, we are just showing the links to the themes to download. Just copy them and insert them into Web Address Bar and download your required theme. Thanks and regards.

Free and Best Quality Website Templates

Free Website Templates